Jamerrill Stewart, a renowned mom influencer, has an extensive following on YouTube. She is celebrated for her fundamentalist lifestyle, large family, and her knack for meal prepping in large batches. However, recent events have put her personal life under a microscope, leaving her followers and fans in a whirlwind of speculations and uncertainties.


Content Warning

This article will discuss instances of domestic violence.

The Changing Tides in Jamerrill Stewart’s Life

Jamerrill Stewart has been notably discreet about her personal life recently, sticking to meal-prep videos on her YouTube channel. However, on April 9, 2024, she shared a video titled “I’m not who I was”, hinting at the significant changes she is undergoing.

During the first ten minutes of her video, Jamerrill discusses potential book ideas. She states, “Right now, in my freight train life, I don’t know what I’ll write about,” suggesting a life in transition. She further adds, “People have been saying I am different. Yeah, I am different, and I am having different experiences, and I am a different woman.”

While Jamerrill doesn’t explicitly mention what she’s going through, her words strongly suggest a life in upheaval. This has led her fanbase to piece together the puzzle of her life, resulting in theories about an impending divorce between her and her husband, Travis Stewart.

The Alleged Family Violence Incident

In November of 2023, reports surfaced about an alleged dispute between Jamerrill and her then-husband, Travis. These reports were based on court documents shared by YouTuber Headlines, suggesting an unnerving incident of family violence. It appears the unsettling event occurred just days after the death of Travis’s father, capping off a tumultuous few months for the Stewarts that included Jamerrill’s miscarriage and a broken wrist.

According to Jamerrill’s statement to the police, she heard “far-off raging/violent screaming” from the kitchen while she was in the bathroom. Upon rushing to the scene, she found her 12-year-old and 14-year-old kids running from the kitchen, claiming “Daddy is beating [child] and making him eat an old moldy bagel from the trash.”

The court case that followed this incident is believed to have led to a divorce between Jamerrill and Travis. Although Jamerrill has yet to publicly confirm these rumors, her fans have noticed that she no longer wears her wedding ring. For a family-centric influencer with deep-rooted Christian beliefs, a divorce could potentially impact her reputation. Therefore, it’s understandable why she might be hesitant to announce anything publicly.

The Community’s Response

The allegations against Travis Stewart sparked a flurry of discussions among Jamerrill’s fans and followers. Some observers, particularly on Reddit, have noted that Jamerrill has been less forthright about the details of her personal life following these incidents. The visible absence of her wedding ring in recent videos has further fueled speculations about the state of her marriage.

Some of Stewart’s followers have expressed their concerns and sympathies on various online platforms. Many are standing up for her, affirming her decision to protect her children, even if it means disrupting her YouTube career. On the other hand, some are skeptical about the authenticity of the allegations, considering the dramatic nature of the online influencer environment.

The Aftermath: Is Travis Stewart Dead?

Rumors about Travis Stewart’s death have been circulating, adding yet another layer of complexity to the situation. However, it appears there has been some confusion about this. The death that occurred was not that of Travis Stewart, but his father. This event took place shortly before the alleged incident of family violence.

The death of Travis’s father, combined with the domestic violence allegations, has undoubtedly placed considerable strain on the Stewart family. Many fans and followers of Jamerrill Stewart are curious and concerned about how these events will shape her future, both personally and as an influential YouTube personality.


While the circumstances surrounding Jamerrill Stewart’s personal life remain uncertain, her recent video and the ensuing discussions among her followers suggest significant changes. Despite the challenges she faces, many of her fans continue to support her, admiring her for handling these trying times with grace and resilience.

As a final note, if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.



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