Stjepan Hauser, known as HAUSER, is a renowned Croatian cellist who has transcended the boundaries of classical music to achieve rockstar fame, particularly as a founding member of the sensational duo 2Cellos 1. Not only has Hauser carved out a niche for himself through his electric performance style, combining cello pyrotechnics with beauty and rock muscle, but he also stands out for his philanthropic efforts and ventures outside music, such as launching a line of premium luxury wines, HAUSER Wines 2.

From his solo career highlights to his rise to stardom with 2Cellos, this article peels back the layers of Hauser’s illustrious career. Readers can look forward to exploring Hauser’s early life and musical beginnings, personal life, discography, and the profound impact he has made on the music industry. Additionally, insights into Hauser concerts and his activities beyond the stage, illuminate the versatility and influence of this distinguished artist 12.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Stjepan Hauser, affectionately known as HAUSER, was born into a world of music in Pula, Croatia. His early environment was steeped in musical influences, with a mother who played percussion and a sister who pursued journalism in their hometown 1. This familial backdrop played a pivotal role in nurturing his burgeoning talent, setting the stage for a luminous career ahead.

  • Educational Journey:
    • Secondary Education: Completed in Rijeka, laying the foundational stones of his musical education.
    • Undergraduate Studies: Undertaken with Natalia Pavlutskaya at Trinity College of Music in London, where Hauser began to refine his craft.
    • Postgraduate Studies: Pursued with Ralph Kirshbaum as a Dorothy Stone Scholar at RNCM in Manchester and further honed with Bernard Greenhouse in the USA, marking significant milestones in his educational journey 1.

Hauser’s early career was marked by a series of impressive performances across the globe. He graced stages in over 40 countries, including prestigious venues like Wigmore Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and Southbank Centre. His talent shone brightly in numerous festivals across Europe, earning him a slew of first prizes at international chamber music competitions in the UK, Belgium, and Italy 1. A notable highlight was his performance at the gala in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence for Mstislav Rostropovich in October 2006, signifying his rising prominence in the classical music scene 1.

The launch of Hauser’s YouTube channel in 2009 marked a pivotal turn in his career, bringing his exceptional talent to a global audience. By September 2022, the channel had amassed over 680 million views, a testament to his widespread appeal. His cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ with Luka Šulić in January 2011 became a YouTube sensation, catapulting him into the digital limelight and setting the stage for his future successes 1.

Rise to Stardom with 2Cellos

Hauser and Luka Sulic’s groundbreaking cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” in 2011 catapulted them into the spotlight, amassing over 26 million views and marking the beginning of their journey as 2Cellos 4. This viral sensation not only showcased their exceptional talent but also redefined the possibilities of classical and contemporary music fusion. Their unique approach caught the eye of millions worldwide, including Sir Elton John, who extended a personal invitation for them to join his global tour, a testament to their rising stardom 45.

Following their online success, 2Cellos secured a record deal with Sony, leading to the release of their debut album which climbed the Billboard’s Top 100 Albums chart 4. Their discography expanded over the years, encompassing six successful albums that featured an eclectic mix of rock and film music covers. This repertoire further solidified their position in the music industry, allowing them to collaborate with icons such as Andrea Bocelli, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Lang Lang 5. Their ability to bridge the gap between genres has not only garnered a dedicated global fanbase but also earned them prestigious accolades, including three Porin awards, Croatia’s equivalent of the Grammys 8.

The duo’s journey from financial difficulties in the UK to international fame underscores the transformative power of digital platforms for musicians. Their “Smooth Criminal” cover on YouTube, prompted by their challenging circumstances, received over 20 million views, leading to remarkable opportunities like a guest performance on the TV show Glee 67. The success of 2Cellos underscores the significance of perseverance, talent, and the innovative use of social media in reaching global audiences. Their story is a compelling narrative of how two classically trained cellists from Croatia reimagined the potential of their instruments, achieving worldwide fame and influencing the music industry’s landscape 78.

Solo Career Highlights

Stjepan Hauser, widely celebrated for his dynamic solo career, has showcased his versatility and ingenuity through various projects and performances. His journey as a solo artist has been marked by significant milestones, including the release of his first solo album, “HAUSER – CLASSIC,” which achieved the coveted #1 spot on the Billboard chart 2. This accomplishment not only highlights Hauser’s exceptional talent but also his ability to captivate audiences worldwide. Furthermore, Hauser’s dedication to his craft and his ability to traverse musical genres is evident in his collaborations with the London Symphony Orchestra on albums like “Classic” (2020) and “Plays Morricone” (2020), which have been pivotal in defining his solo career 1.

Hauser’s impact extends beyond the concert hall, as demonstrated during the 2020 pandemic with the launch of “Alone Together” – a visually stunning YouTube series that offered musical portraits of Croatia 2. This initiative not only showcased Hauser’s love for his home country but also his commitment to bringing music to audiences even in the most challenging times. Additionally, Hauser’s philanthropic efforts through the HAUSER Music Foundation further underscore his dedication to nurturing the next generation of musicians, helping them to overcome barriers and reach their full potential 2. His entrepreneurial spirit is also evident in his venture into the wine industry with the launch of HAUSER Wines, a line of premium luxury wines produced in the historic wine region of Tokaj 2.

Throughout his solo career, Hauser has not only achieved critical acclaim but has also endeared himself to fans around the globe. His performances in over 40 countries, at prestigious venues like Wigmore Hall, Royal Albert Hall, and Amsterdam Concertgebouw, have solidified his reputation as a world-class cellist 1. Moreover, his ability to engage with a wide range of audiences is demonstrated by his collaborations with pop icons such as Elton John and Croatian pop star Oliver Dragojević 1. Hauser’s solo career highlights, including viral renditions like “Hallelujah” and performances at significant events like the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, reflect his unique versatility and the broad appeal of his music 11. His latest endeavor, the full-length solo dance album “THE PLAYER,” released in 2022, continues to push the boundaries of cello music, promising an exciting and engaging journey for his audience 13.

Personal Life and Relationships

Stjepan Hauser’s personal life, particularly his relationships, has intrigued fans and followers over the years. Known for his passionate performances, Hauser’s romantic life has also captured public attention. He has been in a relationship with Mariia, adding a layer of interest among his admirers 14. Prior to this, Hauser’s love life included two significant relationships with Jelena Rozga and Benedetta Caretta, spanning a total of three years 15. His engagement to Jelena Rozga in 2016, which lasted until 2017, was a topic of much discussion among fans and media alike 15.

  • Confirmed Relationships:
    • Jelena Rozga (2016-2017): Engaged 15.
    • Benedetta Caretta (Since 2020): Current partner and collaborator 16.

Despite the public’s curiosity, Hauser has managed to keep details of his personal life relatively private. There have been rumors of other romantic interests, but none have been officially confirmed 17. At 38 years old, speculation about Hauser’s plans for marriage has increased, with many fans eagerly awaiting news of a potential wedding 17. His relationship with Benedetta Caretta is particularly noteworthy, not just for its romantic aspect but also for their professional collaboration. The duo has created beautiful music together, blending their talents in a way that resonates with audiences worldwide 16.

Outside of his romantic life, Hauser has also ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of HAUSER Wines. This line of premium luxury wines, produced in the historic Mád village of Tokaj, showcases Hauser’s passion for fine wines and his dedication to excellence 2. This aspect of his life reflects a desire to explore interests beyond music, further highlighting the multifaceted nature of his personality and career.

Discography and Achievements

Stjepan Hauser’s journey in music is punctuated by a series of remarkable achievements and collaborations that have not only showcased his exceptional talent but also his versatility as a musician. With a fan base that spans across the globe, Hauser’s influence in the music industry is both profound and far-reaching.

  • Global Influence:
    • Over 1 billion audio streams and 4 billion views globally, demonstrating Hauser’s widespread appeal and the universal language of his music 2.
    • Performed in more than 40 countries at iconic venues such as Wigmore Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and Southbank Centre, showcasing his global reach and the international demand for his performances 1.
  • Awards and Recognitions:
    • Accumulated 21 first prizes at national and international competitions, underlining his prowess and recognition in the classical music sphere 2.
    • Won four Porin awards in May 2012 for collaboration with Damir Urban on their album Urban & Hauser, highlighting his ability to blend different musical genres seamlessly 1.
    • Received prestigious awards such as the 2014 Echo Klassik award for Best Crossover Act and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2018, further cementing his status in the music industry 10.
  • Collaborations and Repertoire:
    • Collaborated with musical legends including U2, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, George Michael, and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, showcasing his versatility and the high regard in which he is held within the industry 2.
    • His repertoire spans a wide range, from classical composers like Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich to modern pop artists like Lady Gaga and Shakira, demonstrating his adaptability and broad musical appeal 2.
    • Worked with esteemed artists such as Mstislav Rostropovich, Bernard Greenhouse, Heinrich Schiff, and Frans Helmerson, indicating the respect and recognition he has earned among his peers 1.

Hauser’s discography and achievements reflect not just his technical skill and dedication to his craft, but also his passion for bringing classical music into the contemporary realm. Through his collaborations, performances, and accolades, Hauser continues to leave an indelible mark on the music world.

Hauser’s Impact on the Music Industry

Stjepan Hauser’s impact on the music industry is multifaceted, blending his unique performance style with philanthropic efforts and collaborations that have reshaped how classical music is perceived and appreciated globally. His establishment of the HAUSER Music Foundation is a testament to his commitment to nurturing young talent, ensuring that barriers to musical education and opportunities are minimized. This initiative reflects Hauser’s understanding of the challenges aspiring musicians face and his dedication to providing support that enables them to achieve their full potential 2.

Hauser’s approach to performance is nothing short of revolutionary, combining the intensity of rock with the elegance and beauty of classical music. His ability to convey emotions through his music, coupled with a charismatic stage presence, has redefined audience expectations for classical performances. Hauser’s concerts are known for their emotional depth and the unique connection he establishes with his audience, often incorporating humor and a dynamic interaction that transforms classical music concerts into a more engaging and relatable experience. This electric performance style, characterized by a blend of cello pyrotechnics and engaging stage presence, has not only captivated audiences worldwide but has also played a crucial role in revitalizing classical music for a new generation 24.

Moreover, Hauser’s collaborations with esteemed cellists like Mstislav Rostropovich, Bernard Greenhouse, and Heinrich Schiff, among others, highlight his respect for classical music traditions while also pushing its boundaries. These collaborations have allowed Hauser to both honor the legacy of classical music and innovate within it, thereby inspiring a new generation of musicians and listeners alike. His influence extends beyond just performance; it encompasses a broader vision for classical music’s role in contemporary society, making it more accessible and relevant. Through his artistry, Hauser has reignited interest in the cello and classical music, offering a fresh perspective that transcends traditional boundaries and resonates with audiences of all ages 118.


The journey of Stjepan Hauser, from a young music enthusiast in Croatia to a global classical music icon, underscores a remarkable blend of talent, innovation, and dedication. Throughout this article, we have navigated the pinnacles of his solo career, his seminal role in 2Cellos, and his ventures beyond music into philanthropy and entrepreneurship, all of which spotlight Hauser’s multifaceted influence on the music industry. His ability to merge classical charm with contemporary flair, not just in performances but also in his collaborations and philanthropic efforts, has redefined the boundaries of classical music for a modern audience.

Hauser’s story is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passion with perseverance and creativity. His impact stretches beyond the accolades and global stages; it resonates in the hearts of aspiring musicians and music lovers worldwide. As we reflect on Hauser’s journey, his contributions underscore the evolving nature of music and its enduring ability to connect widely diverse audiences. This narrative is not just a celebration of his achievements but a beacon for future generations, highlighting the limitless potential of music to transcend traditional barriers and inspire innovation and passion in every note.


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